Commercial Masonry

Fort Lauderdale Commercial Masonry: Building South Florida's Future, One Brick at a Time

For over 20 years, Fort Lauderdale Masonry has been the premier commercial masonry contractor in South Florida. We have a proven track record of delivering high-quality workmanship, on-time completion, and competitive pricing. Fort Lauderdale Masonry is a family-owned and operated business that is committed to providing our clients with the best possible service.

We specialize in all aspects of commercial masonry, including:

  • New construction
  • Renovations
  • Repairs
  • Restoration
  • Historic preservation

Our have a team of experienced and qualified masons who are experts in their craft. We use only the highest quality materials and we are committed to safety and quality control.

We are confident that we can provide you with the masonry services you need to complete your project successfully.

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    Commercial Masonry Contractor Near Me

    New Construction: Making Your Vision Come to Life

    Whether it’s a sleek modern office complex or a timeless historical restoration, we bring your vision to life with unwavering precision and meticulous attention to detail.

    Renovations and Remodeling: Blending the Old and the New

    Breathe new life into existing structures with our expertise in brick, block, stone, and stucco restorations. We seamlessly blend the old and the new, honoring existing character while infusing your vision.

    Repairs and Maintenance: Swift Solutions for Structural Issues

    Time and the elements can take their toll. Our skilled masons bring a keen eye and swift action to address any structural issue, ensuring the longevity and integrity of your building.

    Historic Preservation: Ensuring History Speaks Through Living Walls

    We understand the delicate balance of preserving heritage while adapting to modern needs. Our expertise extends to intricate restoration and conservation projects, ensuring history speaks through its living walls.

    Commercial Concrete Comapny
    Commercial Masonry Company
    Commercial Masonry Contractor

    Unparalleled Commitment: Partners in Your Vision

    Our dedication extends beyond the technical. We are a family-owned and operated business, and family values permeate every aspect of our work. Our Crew believes in building strong relationships with our clients, fostering open communication and mutual trust. We are partners in your vision, and your success is our utmost priority.

    Building Together, Brick by Brick: A Promise of Quality Craftsmanship

    Fort Lauderdale Masonry is more than just a name; it’s a promise. A promise of unwavering quality, meticulous craftsmanship, and an unwavering commitment to your vision. We believe that every project tells a story, and we are honored to be the hands that write it in stone.

    Commercial Masonry FAQ

    We do it all when it comes to commercial masonry – brickwork, stonework, concrete block construction, tuckpointing, and restoration. Our focus is on top-notch craftsmanship and long-lasting durability for new builds, fixes, and upkeep for commercial properties. Hit us up for a chat and a complimentary estimate!



    We ensure the quality and durability of our masonry work by using premium materials, employing skilled masons, and adhering to industry standards and best practices. Our team conducts thorough inspections and uses advanced techniques to deliver long-lasting results. Learn more about our quality assurance processes and how we can enhance your commercial property.

    Masonry is a game-changer for commercial structures with improved strength, fire safety, energy savings, and minimal upkeep. Plus, its visual charm adds value and draws in tenants or clients. Uncover the perks of masonry building and why it’s a wise choice for your business.

    The duration of a commercial masonry project varies based on the scope and complexity of the work. On average, small to mid-sized projects can take a few weeks, while larger projects may extend over several months. We provide detailed timelines and keep you informed throughout the project. Contact us for an estimate and project timeline tailored to your needs.

    Our services cover tuckpointing, crack repair, waterproofing, and structural reinforcement to keep your building safe and appealing. Prevent pricey fixes and prolong your masonry’s lifespan. Book a consultation to evaluate your building’s requirements.

    Craft Your Legacy with Fort Lauderdale Masonry: Don't Just Build

    Let us partner with you to design and build a legacy that stands the test of time. Together, we can craft a piece of Fort Lauderdale’s future, one exquisite brick at a time. Call us at (954) 710-9191 or visit our website to schedule a free consultation and take the first step towards realizing your vision.

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